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The Resurrection of the Lord

Also called the Easter Holiday, the Lord’s Resurrection is the oldest and greatest holiday of Christendom, which has brought mankind the hope of salvation and eternal life through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

Saint George

Celebrated every year on April 23, the Holy Great Martyr George is one of the most beloved saints on the calendar. He is also known as the Victory Bearer, the day being marked by the decoration of houses with green branches that symbolize the rebirth of nature, according to popular tradition.

Last Supper

Holy Thursday or Maundy Thursday is an important day of the Passion Week, that of Denia Mare (evening service during passion week). It is also called Black Thursday or Passion Thursday. It reminds us of how the Savior washed the disciples’ feet, urging them to humility. Also on Holy Thursday, the eggs are painted red, and on Holy Saturday Easter and cake will be prepared.

Project training

The project team participated in December 2021 at a training organised by one of the project partner NUDA AS. The project theme was related to international communication techniques. Due to the covid pandemic, the training had to be online, on Teams platform. The tool used, MIRO board, made easy the participants communication and interaction, who were assigned some tasks during the course that held two hours.

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