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Founded in 1922, the Transylvanian Museum of Ethnography is the first ethnographic museum in Romania. Having a collection of 100.000 artefacts, the institution has the mission to preserve, research and capitalize the cultural heritage in Transylvania (Romanian historical and geographical region), in order to promote the cultural diversity values and cultural dialogue for the benefit of all visitor categories. Through the activities carried out, the Transylvanian Museum of Ethnography seeks to contribute to the dissemination and consolidation of the knowledge concerning the traditional culture and to the owned cultural heritage, as an integral part of the universal cultural heritage.

Nowadays, when we witness not only the dissolution of the last elements of the traditional organic culture, but also to the gradual disappearance of its exponents, the museum offers the opportunity to establish a scientifically controlled contact with the artefacts belonging to and evoking a world characterized by proximity to nature through community solidarity, a cultural rich environment in sensations and generator of psychic balance.

By the nature of its activities, by the methods and means used, the museum is besides a factor of learning and an information transmitter, a factor of recreation and leisure. The museum has also an educational mission with special targets on students of all grades and curriculas and all categories of visitors with special needs. Through its activities, MET seeks to contribute to the transmission and consolidation of knowledge about architectural, mobile and intangible cultural heritage, as integral parts of the universal heritage of the mankind. By nature of the programs and projects implemented, the museum has become a factor in the learning process and an information transmitter, as well as a place for recreation and leisure.

  • Address: Memorandumului Street no. 21, 400114, Cluj-Napoca, România
  • Phone: +4 0264-708 953, 0783 005 146
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The Technical University of Cluj-Napoca is one of the four universities with a technical profile in Romania, classified in the category “Universities of advanced research and education”. TUCN has been accredited nationally by the competent authority with a “high degree of confidence” for quality in education. Along with education, research is one of the main activities of the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca. In all the faculties of the university there are research structures, from collectives, groups and laboratories, research centers and platforms. Performance anchored in the perspective of the socio-economic environment, visibility and international cooperation, as well as scientific novelty and interdisciplinarity are a number of the characteristics of the research environment at the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca.

  • Address: Memorandumului street no. 28, Cluj-Napoca, Romania     
  • Phone: +4 0264-401200
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NUDA AS is an organization founded by Hakon Iversen in 2017, to continue and develop at a higher level the activity of the Northern Urban Design Association, established in 2005, aiming to promote the integrated urban design as a necessity in urbanism. NUDA AS is a source of new ideas, carrying out actions that are in line with contemporary trends and developing with the speed of global change. NUDA AS promotes the methods by which urban design will generate sustainable urban planning, will create special places and the way in which important contemporary and future issues related to the public domain will be discussed. Conceptually, NUDA AS is different from other similar organizations and is always trying to consolidate this status. NUDA AS can make a significant contribution to this project, also having the capacity to disseminate its results at the international level.

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